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released January 29, 2011

A. Mauricio Laube - guitar, vocals, drum programming

Guest appearance:
Marcio Rapezzi - bass
Nahtaivel - backing vocals

All songs written and composed by A. Mauricio Laube
Recorded between 2008-2010
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by A. Mauricio Laube
"Dawn Of The Dead (Remix)" by Nahtaivel



all rights reserved


Scorner Rio Negrinho, Brazil

Scorner is a Brazilian death metal band, founded by A. Mauricio Laube (guitar), Silvio Knop (bass), Giovanni Schneider (vocals) and Osvalnir Vieira (drums). The band experienced several line-up changes and since 2002 is an A. Mauricio Laube’s solo project. ... more

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Track Name: God Is Dead
Slaughter, massacre
Killing machine
No life is spared
This world is black
Expect no god
To redeem your sins
You are alone
Misery and pain

You're left to rot
Your putrid flesh
Dying in vain
For your beliefs
Your blood is spilled
Unpurifying the earth
The soul is black
The life has gone

Awake to reality
God is dead
Exiled in chaos
Misfortune and scorn
Track Name: Shed The Blood
My fate is shedding the blood of my enemies
Ceasing the hope of those who believe in god
Exterminating the faithful and their mortal sins
Which makes them act like blind lambs

Shed the blood, shed the blood
Shed the blood of all the christian souls
Shed the blood, shed the blood
Shed the blood of all the christian souls

The will to kill had made me invincible
I'm strong and overcome the whole religion
I killed your god and now I'm coming
To make you suffer for eternity
Track Name: Astonishing Willingness
War-zone exposure
Fragments of mind
Collapsing till the end
But human beings
Are inherently violent
I can't avoid
I'm filled with hatred

Instigators of war
Distorted minds
Source of violent conflicts
Mass murderers

Aggression through warfare
Astonishing willingness
Psychology of the human mind
Is unchanging

There's no escape
Their blood is in my hand
I hear their voices
Smile is my vengeance
It's all the same to me
Reality is fading
I am alone
In a world full of pain

Harmless god
What it takes to be done
War cult armageddon
Gathering the black souls
Doomsday is near
I'll pay the price for human souls
Track Name: Dawn Of The Dead
Graphic images in my mind
Rotten corpses everywhere
Death surrounds the human life
In this journey into decay

Life is meaningless
All they need is flesh
Emptied-brains full of hate
Walking with no hope
Ancient ghoul
It's the time
For this endless pain

Dawn of the dead
That's the dark age
The dead walk the earth
Everyone must die

There is no room in hell
For sinful souls
They are the plague
Of our new world
Ancient ghoul
It's the time
For this endless pain

Your mouth is full with blood
Your guts are tears apart
You're trapped in the siege
Now you're one of them
Track Name: Dark Passenger
Within of our minds
There lies a place we rarely see
This is all a subconscious process
An emptiness that gives a hint that the dream is unreal

Darkest dreams
Night filled with sins
Sense of insecurity
Awaits me

My dark passenger
Feeds my hunger
Of killing another
Yet never filled

The will for blood
Takes control
Obliges me
To brave my fears

True religion
Is real living
With all one's soul

Darkest dreams
Night filled with sins
Let's kill again
It is pointless to resist
Track Name: Planet Death
Left to die with no remorse
Black souls, pure hatred
Meaningless reality
By far worst nightmare

Brutality of humankind
Discharging mass hate
Trapped in the endless void
Merciless decadence
Our inner hate
Consuming all
Outwresting of morality
Criminally insane

Urban carnage fills
Gaps of flawless life
Brutal images
Of grisly killing
Outbreak of senseless
Bloodletting of the soul
Humans sliced apart
Beneath our eyes

Kill them all
Planet death

The earth will eat our flesh
No hope for the men
Living with no rule
Extermination is near
Painful destiny
With no return
Blind eyes
That never see